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During 2002 and 2003, I mainly worked on an e-learning project based on Learning Objects. Learning Objects are much like more or less independent individual modules except that they also include metadata. This metadata allows us to select, organize and sequence Learning Objects according to the learner's background, time constraints and current learning needs. The functionality and user interface were developed via numerous observations, experiments and field trials. This project won the Brandon Hall Gold Award as well as several best paper awards. To find out more, or to download this system, go to:


I am currently leading a project to develop tools for consultants using a similar methodology. To read about what we call Iterative Development in the Field, see the following article in the IBM Systems Journal. http://www.research.ibm.com/journal/sj/424/greene.pdf

The ACM conferences on Computer Human Interaction and Computer Supported Cooperative Work are a great place to learn about the newest tools, techniques, and findings related to making systems that actually help people enjoy their work and be more productive. For more information on the last CHI conference which was held in the spring in Vienna, see http://www.sigchi/org/chi2004/ and to participate in on-line discussions regarding various issues in human computer interaction, see http://www.chiplace.org/ I helped organize and lead a workshop on HCI Patterns. To see about next year's CHI, in Portland, Oregon, check out http://sigchi.org/chi2005/

Check out the excellent books by the late Paula Underwood including, The Walking People, Three Strands in the Braid, and a Guide for Learning Enablers. Compelling stories drawn from Native American tradition, they offer fresh insights into today's personal, community, and organizational dilemmas. The Walking People tells the story of one branch of the Iroquois as they walked out of central Asia, across the Bering Straight, down the coast of N. America, across to the Atlantic and back to the Great Lakes. During this journey, they had to adapt to an ever-changing physical and social environment. By necessity, they learned how to learn. Another brilliant lady whose works you should check out is Jane Jacobs.

If you are interested in how to make technology more accessible to everyone, please check out: http://www.acm.org/sigchi/cuu/



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