Harlequin -- KidPix

Flowers in pastels

Tree in Summer


Merlin Searching

Neuron in ink

Leeland dock at night in pen

Leeland Dock by day in pen

Trees of Alpha Centuria Three

Toucan -- KidPix

Self-portrait in pencil

Harlequin is a brightly colored primitive drawing in black, white, red, and royal blue. The color patches emerge from the intersections of flowing lilnes. It was made in KidPix around 1996.

Flowers was drawn in pastels and scanned into the computer. The sun is shown in the upper right depicted as concentric circles of orange, yellow and red. In the lower left are the flowers, about six, each consisting of a single verticle stem and clusters of red flowers to either side. In the lower right is a brown stone. The rest of the picture is bluish sky.

Tree is another pastel showing the trunk of a tree and leaves. It was made by taking very small short strokes in a wide variety of colors. That is, in contrast to Harlequin which has very homogeneous and very bright color patches, any given region of tree has many colors. Although the overall impression may be brown or green in a given region, a closer examination reveals very small strokes of blue, yellow, black, etc.

Choices shows a naked man and woman in the upper left. Their heads are shown as whirling orgs of energy. The man is gesturing out to the right. There are mountains depicting nature and a city. Below the couple is a picture of a tree much like the one above. This was drawn in the 1970's. The picture asks where, exactly, are we headed.

Merlin shows a gray-haired wizard with a latern searching in the forest. There are large trees here, trees with eyes.

Neuron was drawn in ink and is meant to hint at the complexity of a single neuron. We have 10's of billions.

Leland Dock at night depicts a solitary man, sitting on a dock, looking out at the moonlight reflecting on the water. Leland is a region in the northern part of the main part of Michigan that I visited in the early 1970's.

Leland Dock by day, shows a man and woman dancing on the same dock in bright sunlight. They are holding a magic blue sphere between them. The sun is rising bright red in the background.

Trees of Alpha Centauri depicts cactus like trees growing in a science fiction environment. It is done in pastels, around 1970.

Toucan, done in Kidpix around 1996, is comprised of bright primitive color patches. The background is black. Against this, small arcs of bright green are meant to suggest rain forest. Barely visible is the branch the Toucan sits on. He is holding a bright red fruit in one claw. His body is made of a single bright red color patch. His large beak is made of two color patches, one bright blue and the other bright yellow. The Toucan's head is bright green with a large black eye.

My self-portrait was done on the fifth day of a Betty Edward's class in drawing around 1997. I am wearing glasses. I have black hair, graying slightly at the temples. I look rather grim. If you wonder why, try smiling for four hours which is how long it takes for me to draw something like this. I highly recommend her class in drawing. In our society, we are led to believe that certain people are born with drawing talent and others simply don't have it. This is demonstrably false. There are a set of skills that need to be taught and most people are simply never taught them in school.

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